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7 Feb

I am a middle-aged, married guy with kids who has watched what has gone on over the past 10 years and decided to start blogging. I have written short stories, operation orders, SOP’s, newspaper editorials, wanted ads, opinionated Facebook posts, business plans and emails by the billion. Sometimes I swear I am a professional emailer. Now I am going to start trying to actually write with the intent of sharing & debating ideas. I would rate myself an okay writer but in general a poor communicator who uses too many analogies because I just do not find many people who understand my thought processes or who can understand what I believe or am trying to get across. It’s either blog or bust.

General content will be ideas, mine of course or at least my take on what else I see on the web, in the news or in my own life. Also the occasional recipe or cooking success.

So come along fellow traveler and let’s kick over some rocks and see what we can find.